Gutter Repairs

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guttering repair gutter repairs

Making sure that your gutters are are in a good state of repair is an import part of maintaining the structural integrity of any building. Once the water begins to penetrate the fabric of a house or building then this is where all sorts of trouble can start, for example damp might begin to show on internal walls, as well as causing subsidance and cracking of walls.

Some simple regular maintainence that is done regularily can save you thousnads of pounds in expensive repairs and leave you with a sound and solid house that you can rely on to keep out the weather and rain. If you don't want to do simple repairs yourself then there are plenty of tradesmen that can carry out the work for you at reasonable prices, get quotes but don't leave the repairs undone or you most most likely regret it and end up facing large repair bills in the future.

Some ways of keeping your house water tight are easy to follow, but always be careful using ladders when inspecting drains and guttering. Make sure you have the proper equipement and if you need help to stabilise ladders get it, don't attempt to repair on your own from a a height and have an accident or a fall.

A quick tip is to ensure that your gutters are always kept free from leaves and other debris, this might be especially applicable if you house or building is located near trees or high bushes that will dump their leaves in the autumn onto your roof and start clogging up your guttering.

One way to identify if your guttering might be blocked is when it is raining you might see that the water is overpouring the sides of the guttering, this may happen when there is lots of hard rain, but look at neighbours gutters to see if that about of rainfall their gutters are overflowing too. If they are not and yours are you may have a problem and is probably worth your while to investiage before any permanent damage to the roof structure can set in.

Keeping guttering in a good state of repair can save you thousands and all it takes is checking for blockages a couple of times a year, keeping an eye out for any obvious leaks - especially where the guttering joins on the down pipes and keeping drains clear of leaves and other debris will ensure that you don't have any guttering repair problems to deal with.